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Winchester 94 Carbine Service Manuals, Cleaning, Repair Manuals


This Manual helped me with Loading/Feeding problems I had with my Winchester 94. The Two primary causes of this problem.

1. the magazine tube attachment screw (threaded into underside of barrel near muzzle) loosens and allows movement of the mag tube. This "slop" allows cartridge rims to hang up between end of magazine tube where it enters the receiver. The hungup cartridge can jump out when the lever is worked or the gun is fired.

2. A worn or deformed cartridge stop on the top of the lever. The cartridge stop normally holds and allows one cartridge to enter and be positioned on the lifter at a time. A cartridge will override a worn stop and go under the lifter.

Either of these conditions can be fixed by replacing parts: lever, mag attachment screw, or mag tube. Some smiths use locktite or epoxy to secure the mag tube against the receiver. Both parts were easy to remove and replace using this easy to follow manual! Thank you for having such a great store! They also helped me find another manual for my Stevens 520!!!

Date Added: 04/30/2012 by Martin Tenenbaum
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